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Upset that the Apple iPhone is just no longer exclusive enough? Feeling cheated that the price has dropped to $ and the hoi polloi can afford it? Well, then, Apple has the perfect downloadable application for you. Called “I Am Rich” and created by some fellow named Armin Heinrich, it costs a mere . We had some doubts about the authenticity of the clown who bought the $ I’m Rich iPhone app, but Armin Heinrich the German author of the application has confirmed that not only one moron, but eight dumbasses actually bought the application.. Apple removes $, featureless iPhone application. a red icon sits on the iPhone home screen like any other application, with the subtext “I Am Rich.”.

  • I Am Rich Wikipedia

    I Am Rich is an iOS application which was formerly distributed using the App Store, and developed by Armin Heinrich.When launched, the screen only contains a glowing red gem and an icon that, when pressed, displays the following mantra in large text .

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==>> How to Download. click one of the gift offers for you, the download link will open

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